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I work with Expat Spouses and Partners who are ambitious, hard-working, and want to retain their identity while following their partner’s career around the globe.

I support my clients as they navigate the ups and downs of transitioning to a new life abroad. I empower them with a success mindset to define the life and career that they want and to go after this with passion, focus and confidence. 

The Challenge

The role of an Expat Spouse or Partner is an unique one. Life abroad can be stressful, not to mention dull at times! It can feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself whilst following your partner’s career internationally. This can trigger a range of emotions as you and your partner react differently to your new life. And that’s the part nobody tells you about before you leave.

  • What is it like to experience the loneliness and anxiety of an Expat Spouse or Partner?
  • To what extent are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • How is fear and lack of confidence holding you back?
  • What does purpose and meaning outside of your relationship look like?
  • What if you could find a fulfilling career in a new country?

What if you had someone who has shared your journey and can help?

The Solution

I understand your journey because it was my journey too. I understand that having a confidant (other than your partner) who you can talk, share ideas and process emotions with is vital when you move abroad.

I can help you:

  • Through the ups and downs
  • Overcome expat paralysis and take charge of your life
  • Be more confident, especially when connecting with others
  • Bounce back stronger after a bad day
  • Find joy and meaning in this adventure
  • Build a fulfilling career for yourself

You’ll receive this and so much more!

Make the Decision

NLH offers a blend of coaching, mindset training and career mentoring to help ambitious Expat Spouses and Partners navigate their integration journey. Unlike other companies, NLH works on a monthly subscription basis. Which means you have unlimited access to all the resources, tools and support that you need. 

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When life gets tough, go inwards

Get to know me

I’m Nicola, a global integration expert who supports Expat Spouses and Partners in navigating the ups and downs of building a life and a career abroad. I’m also an Expat Partner who found a way to be successful, confident and fulfilled in my own work while supporting my partner’s career around the globe.

My own expat journey has taken me from an Oxford-educated corporate lawyer working in London, a management consultant with an MBA from Cambridge University, a global HR professional, which allowed me to travel extensively for work, to an entrepreneur living in Cape Town and Toronto.

Today, I work with Expat Spouses and Partners who want to go beyond their past success, take control of their life and build a meaningful life for themselves abroad. My clients will tell you that I’m warm, approachable and that I genuinely care about them. They will also tell you that I’m not afraid to challenge, ask powerful questions and hold them accountable when needed!

Originally from the UK, I’ve lived and worked on three continents and am currently residing in Toronto Canada.

Interested in working with me?

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Nicola is an awesome coach. I worked with her at a time in my life where I was feeling overwhelmed, low in confidence and self-belief. I love Nicola. She works in a way that made me feel comfortable and able to share and explore. She is authentic, non-judgmental, humble and a beautiful soul. She pushed me enough not to feel uncomfortable and has helped me in achieving my goals. I am on such a wonderful journey.

– Mosidi


It’s not every day that you come across a coach that has years and years of experience. Nicola is truly a master in her field. It has been so valuable to work with someone who has her knowledge and can provide fresh insights.



Feeling a little sceptical at first, I really had to work hard at opening up. Nicola made this journey so easy for me. She helped me identify the things that hold me back. She gives tasks and asks you to check back in with her and this really helped me move forward.  Nicola doesn’t tell you what she thinks, rather, she helps guide you to enlightenment and shows you why you are feeling things in a certain way. I definitely feel like I have a better understanding of myself, which has led to bolder decisions and more confidence in who I am. Nicola has helped me see the value in myself again.  I will be forever grateful to Nicola.



When I started my coaching with Nicola, I was looking for tools on how to improve. The coaching sessions explored my values and parts of my brain and heart that held onto narratives that weren’t aligned with who I am or what I wanted to achieve.  Through acknowledging these negative narratives, it gave me power to actively change them. By the end of my coaching sessions, I realised that I need to recognise my value and deliver on it without self-judgment.


Case Study

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Erin was unhappy although her life looked perfect on paper: a beautiful husband, living abroad, travelling to interesting places, awesome parties, and making new friends. But every night when she went to bed, she had this crushing fear of missing the career boat.

Erin had been a successful trader at a top investment bank before she left New York. She was currently on her 2nd country move and felt that time was passing her by. Her skills were starting to feel old and she was fed-up having to take finance jobs that were not progressing her career. Several business ideas crossed her mind, but she found that she didn’t have the energy to follow through with any of them. Her husband was supportive, but he travelled a lot and often didn’t have the energy or focus to help Erin work through her ideas. She felt overwhelmed and pressurized to make sure any investment or change would take her down the right path. She was stuck and going around in circles.

Erin and I worked together for 6 months, and during this time she became clear on what she loved about working in finance. Together, we helped her face her fears. We uncovered the limiting beliefs that were holding her back and focused on building a positive mindset from which we sparked new perspectives, which helped her reconnect with her professional passion. She is currently finding meaning and purpose in her life through her new business, which is focused on improving financial-literacy for teenagers.