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If you’re ready to kickstart your new life and career abroad, watch this video to find out how I can help.

My Integration Services Consist of


Great coaching is hard to explain. It’s an experience of exploring, questioning, redefining, having insights and seeing things in a different way that opens up possibilities that you didn’t imagine. It’s about being inspired and motivated to move to action.

I structure client engagements by the month, not the hour, which means I only take on a select number of clients each month. I do this, so I can get to know you well and focus my energy on your success. As part of your monthly subscription, you will have unlimited access to coaching.


I work with Shirzad Chamine, a Stanford Lecturer with a comprehensive 500k global mental fitness research study. You will have access to his powerful training programme and tools to support you in building a success mindset.

Together we will unpack the thought patterns that are holding you back and reframe them, allowing you to become stronger and more positive no matter what’s happening in the world around you. You will feel empowered to define and achieve meaningful and lasting change in your life.


Leveraging my extensive HR background, you will have unlimited access to career resources, tools, videos and strategies to help you take control of your career trajectory. I will be a guiding hand as you navigate your new career transition abroad and go after a career that you love!

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Receive unlimited access to coaching, mindset tools and career resources to build a life you love abroad!  And, if you commit to a six-month package, you receive one month free of charge.

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